In-House: A Lawyer’s Guide to Getting a Corporate Legal Position

In-House: A Lawyer's Guide to Getting a Corporate Legal Position
Product Code: 1620505
About the Author: David J. Parnell
Publication Date: June 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61438-514-1
Page Count: 535
Trim Size: 6 x 9
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Topics: Business Law, Career Development, Law School, Law Students
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About In-House: A Lawyer’s Guide to Getting a Corporate Legal Position

In-House: A Lawyer’s Guide to Getting a Corporate Legal Position is the “must-have” career book on finding, securing, and thriving in the fiercely competitive in-house legal market. Author David J. Parnell takes the in-house-bound attorney by the hand, leading him or her through the maze of potential job-hunting strategies, dispelling the myths about corporate life, and offering the reader an arsenal of tips, skills and methods for creating a successful corporate career. Sometimes irreverent, always poignant, Parnell’s In-House is the first step on your way to corporate legal glory.

One of the more surprising attributes of the book is Parnell’s candor. For the first time, a legal recruiter is giving you an unfettered view of how things are done – or at least how they should be done. No hype, no silver bullets, no BS. For the practicing attorney who is frustrated by their current job search, this offers them a pragmatic, systematic approach that affords them more control over their professional destiny. For the recent graduate or those considering law school, this book offers a neck-breakingly raw explanation of what it takes, point by point, to land one of these positions.

In addition, the book includes numerous appendixes, containing sample resumes, sample questions, a deal sheet and even a resignation letter. If you’re looking for an insider’s guide to getting a corporate legal job, this book is a must-have for your job-search library.

In-House Table of Contents

Chapter 1: MythBusters: Separating In-House Fact from Fiction
Chapter 2: Guts, Tools, and Reality Check: Do You Have What It Takes?
Chapter 3: Painting the Bull’s Eye: Defining Your Ideal Position
Chapter 4: The Paper Ambassadors: Writing Your Resumé and Deal Sheet
Chapter 5: The Funnel of Love: Creating Your Marketing Funnel and Strategy
Chapter 6: First Contact: Approaching the GC Chapter 7: Interviewing 101: The Fundamentals of Interviewing
Chapter 8: First Impressions Are the Only Impressions: Maximizing Your Physical Appearance
Chapter 9: First Time’s a Charm: Interview Rapport and Compatibility
Chapter 10: Abe Lincoln Interviewing: Intelligence, Competence and Credibility
Chapter 11: Borrowing Johnny’s Fiddle to Bargain with the Devil: Compensation Negotiations

Appendix A: Personal & Professional Skills Questionnaire
Appendix B: Position-Specific Filtering Questions
Appendix C: Sample Resumé 1
Appendix D: Sample Resumé 2
Appendix E: Sample Deal Sheet
Appendix F: Position Comparison Guideline
Appendix G: Sample Resignation Letter
Appendix H: Search Checklist

David J. Parnell (Bio)

In-House: A Lawyer’s Guide to Getting a Corporate Legal Position (ABA Publishing – June, 2012)
The Failing Firm: Symptoms and Remedies (ABA Publishing – January, 2014)

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